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Our Repair Lab in Southampton.

Computer repair labs can save you money by repairing your laptop, your computer or your phone rather than replacing it. Our computer repair lab in Southampton is staffed by at least three engineers from Monday to Friday. Unlike other computer repair labs, we actually do the repairs on site in our workshop. That way you know exactly where your device has been whilst in the our repair lab.

Our engineers are trained to the highest standards, and use electrical safety equipment during the entire repair process. This protects your laptop, phone or computer from unnecessary damage. Our engineers each have their own specialist field.

Ian is our resident games console specialist, this year alone he has repaired over 100 Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo consoles. In our repair lab workshop we place a huge emphasis on training and will spend thousands of pounds learning how to repair a device so that we can offer a truly professional service.

Katie is our resident data recovery expert, she is responsible for rescuing data from 20 hard drives and flash drives every month. Our data recovery hardware is state-of-the-art and costs thousands of pounds. Katie is also a bit of wiz with Apple Macs and has recently saved one of our customers over £10000 by recovering her MacBook Pro software installation.

Andy is our lead technician, he spearheads the team and is an expert component level technician, if you bring your broken socket to our repair lab then Andy will probably be doing your repair. When the job requires the most delicate of touches, Andy is the man for the job.

Have confidence in your repair lab use a team of professionals, use Rocket Repairs.

Please note: we are in no way associated with the company known as repair labs in Cornwall or the company known as Repair Labs Retail Limited in Southampton.