but don't just take our word for it

A PC Clinic in Southampton.

So you are looking for a PC Clinic in Southampton, a computer shop that can return your sickly PC to good health. Well look no further, our computer repair service is much more than a PC clinic, we provide a full range of surgeries for laptops and desktops. You'll find us in East Street, Southampton, we are around the corner from Debenhams. We provide all the services you would expect to receive in a PC clinic and more.


Here's what we can do:

Laptop repairs down to board level.

We are one of the very few computer repair companies that have the expertise required to fix charging sockets, USB ports, wifi cards, graphics chips. We see so many botch jobs attempted by unqualified companies that can completely ruin your motherboard. If you've had a socket or port repair attempted by any other company and it doesn't work then give us a call, we can probably save it.


Data recovery.

We are Southampton's only professional data recovery centre. We've invested £10,000 in state-of-the-art data recovery hardware that allows us to recover data from even dead hard drives.


Iphone and other smart phone repairs.

Our electronics expertise allows us to repair sensitive devices such as Apple's Iphone3, iphone4 and iphone5. We can also repair your Motorola Razr, HTC Touch and Blackberry Bold. We provide an unbeatable six month warranty on our phone repairs.


Ipad and other tablet repair.

As well as iphone and other smart phones we are experts at repairing Apple Ipads. These are expensive devices that need specialist attention. That's where we come in. Our technicians are trained to the highest standards in order to ensure you get a quality repair service.


Virus Removal.

Despite having virus protection you can still be the victim of a malicious attack. If you see a metropolitan police warning on your computer then bring it in as soon as possible. This is an infection and is very difficult to clean.


Console repairs.

We are Southampton.s only clinic for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 repairs. We can also repair all other consoles. Again our electronic expertise gives us a significant advantage over other repair companies allowing us to repair most problem with your Xbox 360 or your Playstaion 3. We'll be the first in your region to offer repairs on the next generation consoles as soon as they arrive.


Please note: We are in no way associated with the company known as PC Clinic in Southampton.