but don't just take our word for it


We are gaming specialists!

We love to game, we love all the eye candy, we love the massive environments, we need the highest frame rates. Our gaming computers are built to provide the absolute best value for money without compromising on quality. Come on down to our store and have a play on the system you want to buy. Try before you buy, be confident that you have made the right decision. We'll talk you through the specs and let you know which system best suits your needs, offering advice on what potential upgrades would be best for you.

We build them ourselves

We are your local computer shop specialising in gaming computers. All gaming systems are built in-house by our team of very experienced technicians, new builds are stress tested for 24 hours prior to leaving our shop. Electrical safety equipment is worn at all times during the build process to ensure that no damage is caused be electrostatic charges. We tidy the cables inside your box to allow unrestricted airflow so your new box will look amazing both inside and out.

A Real 24 Month Warranty

Our 24 Month Warranty covers parts and labour, many companies offer "3 year warranties". Read the small print, it's very likely that after year 1 only labour is covered, not parts.

What goes in to our gaming systems?

Power Supply

A good computer gaming system is built on a solid foundation, that foundation is the Power Supply. Most off-the-shelf computers are built with power supplies that supply the bare minimum in terms of system power, often claiming to be 400Watt capable but only delivering around 250Watts of continuous power. They often leave no room for future upgrades meaning you have no upgrade path 18 months down the line.

Our gaming computer systems use high quality branded power supplies that offer enough headroom for future upgrades and are at least 80+ bronze certified meaning they are very power efficient. When we say our power supply is 700Watts then you know it can deliver 700Watts.


The next component that you we focus on is the motherboard. The motherboard is the backbone of your system, it allows the processor, the system memory, the hard disk and the graphics engine to communicate with each other. A strong backbone provides support for the rest of the system and results in less bottlenecks and glitches and provides a better user experience by allowing all the other system components to work at their full potential. That's why we use motherboards from the top manufacturers like Gigabyte and Asus.

Graphics Card

For gaming systems the graphics card should be the next consideration, spend more on graphics for better future proofing and higher frame rates. For gamers the graphics card is far more important that the processor. When gaming at 1080p or higher paying £50 more on a graphics card will give a much better gaming experience than spending that £50 on a faster processor. You don't need a core i7 processor when you only have a Radeon 7770 graphics card. Swap that core i7 for an AMD FX chip and spend the difference upgrading to a Radeon 7870 instead. You'll double your framerates with that change alone.

System Memory

The amount of system memory available can have quite an impact on your system's performance. Not enough RAM will result in large maps loading from disk as you reach new areas of the map you are exploring, this will cause unnecessary lag and jerkiness during gameplay. Our gaming systems come with at least 4GB of DDR3 1600MHZ system memory, we recommend 8GB and up for glitch free gaming. Also remember that 32bit operating systems only support 3GB of RAM.

Disk Drives

Hard disk drives have evolved and now you can enjoy really quick boot times and loading times with a Solid State Drive. We recommend 120GB Solid State Drive as your system disk and a large secondary hard drive. Store all your photos and music on the secondary drive and keep the system drive for current games and operating system files. You'll notice that in multiplayer environments this will give you an advantage as your system will load more quickly than your opponents.


Monitor choice should depend on your graphics hardware, there is no point having a Radeon 7870 graphics card and a 17" monitor. We recommend 24" 1080p monitors when gaming on anything above a Radeon 7750. Our range offers fast refresh rates with high contrast for better definition.

Optical Drive

Optical drives now come in blu! That's right, you can enjoy HD movies on your PC with the addition of a Blu-ray player. It is by no means essential but why not enjoy the best video visuals on your gaming rig. All our systems can accelerate Blu-ray playback.