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Our state-of-the-art recovery hardware allows us to recover data from all of these. Don’t tinker with it, don’t give it to a friend to try, bring it to the experts and get your data back.

First things first, DON’T PANIC!

You’ve found the best data recovery service in Southampton so you can now relax.

Why is it that data loss occurs at the worst possible time? It always seems that your hard drive fails just when you need it most.

Data loss can be a costly business, not just financially but emotionally too. Most computer users don’t back up their data on a regular basis. Computers are so reliable that we never expect them to break down. Unfortunately, computers do break down and more often than not the failure involves your hard disk drive. The result is often the total loss of many years of photos, letters and music and your internet favourites.

We understand how much that information means to you, so we take extra special care of your data. We can get your data back 95% of the time. Prices start from just £75.

Business critical data is often lost due to a lack of regular backups. But don’t worry, if the data can be recovered then we can recover it for you. We have invested thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours into our our data recovery service. We understand how hard drive technology works and therefore know what types of disk errors can occur and what procedure is required to get the data back.

We are data recovery experts.

We’ve got over 20 years experience in the IT industry and provide data recovery as one of our major services. We can recover information from broken hard disk drives, corrupted floppy disk drives, broken usb memory sticks and all types of flash memory.

If you are looking for data recovery in the Southampton area, then give us a call.

Laura’s story

Imagine the look of despair on Laura’s face when she realised that she had snapped her usb memory stick. Her final year of study almost over and her dissertation almost complete. Unfortunately, the usb stick contained the only copy of Laura’s dissertation!

Fortunately, Laura’s friend put her in touch with us. We reassured Laura that all was not lost and that we would do everything possible to recover all her work. Thankfully, our data recovery expertise allowed us to rescue Laura’s dissertation from the broken memory stick. When we informed Laura of the good news, she was absolutely over joyed and relieved that all her hard work had not been lost.

Laura sent us a thankyou card, in it she wrote ‘Thank you so much for getting my work back! It’s quite possible you have saved my degree (and therefore my life!!)’.

We are able to recovery data from memory sticks, usb flash drives, usb hard drives, usb drives, compact flash, secure digital, and most ofther removable media types. We have recovered data for customers as far away as scotland and provide data recovery regularly for customers in the Londan area.

We’ve recovered data from first generation ipod shuffles where the user had snapped the usb connector. Again he was a student and all his A level work was stored on his MP3 music player.

Richard’s story

Richard runs a local tennis centre and kept all his companies accounts and other details on his laptop.

One morning Richard switched on his laptop but it failed so start up. The system reported a disk error!

Richard called us as we were local to him and we took the drive in, to attempt recovery. Unfortunately, the disk mechanism was broken and we were unable to recover the data without the use of a clean room.

Richard decided that the data had to be recovered. All the VAT information from the last 5 years was stored on his laptop and the time needed to re-key five years of accounts was at least 2-3 weeks. So we sent the disk drive off to one of our partners. They used their clean room technology to open up the hard disk and changed to drive heads and logic. As a result we were able to successfully recover the entire contents of Richards hard disk drive.

Richard now keeps regular backups of all his important documents…….

The moral of the story

Don’t take chances with your important documents, back up regularly and if you find yourself in trouble with lost data then give us a call. We can rescue your documents!

We provide data recovery from hard disk drives, data recovery from floppy disks, data recovery from usb flash drives, data recovery from SSD hard drives. Don’t take chances with your important data. If you need a reliable data recovery service that won’t cost the earth then give us call. Southampton residents should look no further than Rocket Repairs Southampton Computer Services for advanced data recovery solutions.