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Southampton’s only specialist console repair centre

We our Southampton’s only specialist repair centre for games consoles. We’ve been repairing gaming consoles since the days of red ring of death on Xbox 360 and yellow light of death on Playstation 3. Those repairs required a new graphics chip and the process to replace the chip is highly complex and  requires specialist equipment. With the advent of newer consoles those problems have mostly been resolved.  However, the new consoles have their own problems too.

1st generation PS4 is prone to hdmi socket damage. Both the Xbox One and PS4 suffer from DVD laser failures and drive tray issues.  You’d be surprised how many coins and credit cards we’ve removed from PS4’s DVD drive bay.


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PS4 HDMI Socket Repair

ps4 hdmi socket repair

A common problem on the first generation of Playstation 4 consoles is damage to the HDMI socket. This results in no video output to the screen when you switch the console on. Occasionally you will still get audio output with no display.   This damage normally occurs when the Playstation is disconnected and reconnected on a regular basis.

We complete around 20 HDMI socket repairs every month and offer six month’s warranty on that repair.  The repair requires a highly skilled technician who is proficient with a soldering iron and heat gun. Our in house experts are well trained to deal with HDMI socket repair.

We’ll fix your PS4 HDMI socket for just £79.99 and you’ll get a six month warranty on that repair.

PS4 Cooling System Service

ps4 cooling system service

Another Common issue is the cooling system gets clogged up and causes the Playstation to overheat. If your Playstation is overheating then there is a good chance of serious damage to the logic board.  When the cooling system gets clogged up, hot air cannot be expelled from inside the Playstation. This leads to higher temperatures inside the Playstation which can damage the internal components.  When your cooling fan sounds like a jet engine then it is time to get your Playstaion serviced.

Cooling System service on Playstation is just £59.99. This involves a full disassembly of the device, all the dust and debris removed and brand new thermal compound on the processor.  Once this cooling system service has been completed your Playstation will feel like it has just come from the factory.


PS4 DVD Drive Problems


The PS4 DVD Drive can fail for a number of reasons. The tray mechanism can get jammed or the laser can fail, occasionally we find coins and credit cards inside the DVD Drive.  The Blu-ray Drive in a PS4 is one of the major selling points of the system and is required to install most games.

We can resolve any problem with your Playstation 4 DVD Drive. Prices start from just £59.99.




Xbox One Cooling System service

xbox one cooling system service

Over time your Xbox One is going to suck a lot of dust inside which will hinder the internal cooling system ultimately leading to overheating and component failure. If your Xbox sounds like it’s about to take off when you are playing a game then it’s time for a cooling system service. Performing a cooling system service on an Xbox One will breathe new life in to the console. During the cleaning process we will remove all the dust that has gathered on the cooling fan and the heat sink and we will also apply new high quality thermal compound to the processor. Once the cooling system service is complete your XBox will be as as good as new. Your Xbox One will run cooler and quieter which will ensure a long life.

XBox One Cooling System Service is just £59.99.

Xbox One DVD Drive Problems

xbox one dvd problem

The Xbox One DVD Drive can fail over time. Blu-Ray lasers wear out and the drive mechanism can get jammed. We can repair or replace the drive in an Xbox One.

Xbox One DVD Repairs start from just £59.99.