Laptop Repair

laptop repair southampton

A professional service at a reasonable price.

A simple price structure, just £59.99 + parts for any laptop repair.  Backed by our six months parts and labour warranty on any new parts fitted. It’s great value and you get a truly professional service too.

Select your problem from the list below to see what we can do for you.

Power Problems

laptop power problems

Is your laptop not charging? No life at all when you press the power button?
It could be a faulty charger port which can become a big problem if not addressed early on. When your power socket is malfunctioning, it can cause electrical arcing inside your laptop which can lead to serious damage to your motherboard which can result in a completely dead laptop. We fix hundreds of laptop charger ports every year, it’s a relatively easy process for us and costs around £70-80 in total.

Broken Hinges or Chassis

broken laptop hinge

A common fault with laptops is a hinge that gets stiff over time. A stiff hinge requires a lot of force and can break the hinge or the plastics surrounding the hinges. We can fix the hinges in your laptop and make your laptop screen function normally. If the damage is severe then we may need to replace some of the plastic parts of the chassis too. We’ll let you know when you book in what it might cost so there are no surprises. The longer you leave a stiff hinge the more damage it will cause. Bring your laptop in as soon as possible if your hinges are stiff. Price start from just £79.99 and will save you hundreds in the long run.

Hard Drive Problems

hard drive problem southampton

A faulty or failing hard drive in your laptop can present itself in a number of ways. Your machine might report “no boot device” or you might just wait a really long time for Windows or Linux to load. Once the operating system has loaded, it might take a long time to start a program or the mouse cursor might stop moving completely for periods during use. If you have any of these symptoms then come in as soon as possible, the longer you leave a failing hard drive the more damage can occur you might end up losing all your data and then need a data recovery. Hard Drive replacements start from just £110 including parts and labour. If your machine is taking a really long time to load then your hard drive is probably on its way out, pop in soon.

Broken Laptop Screen

laptop screen repair southampton

It happens! You go to sleep, put your laptop safely on the floor and then step on it in the morning! A broken laptop screen can be fixed and we can normally fix it the same day. If you’ve broken your laptop screen and need it fixed fast then pop in to rocket repairs. We stock a wide range of laptop screens for the most common models so there is a good chance we have it in store. Laptop screen repair starts from just £80 so pop in or call for a quote.

Laptop overheating

over heating laptop southampton

If your laptop is burning your leg or sounds like it might be ready to take off then there is a good change your laptop needs a cooling system service.  A hot laptop is a laptop waiting to fail. Over time dust and debris collect inside your laptop and collect around the exhaust fins of the heat sink. This debris traps hot air inside your laptop causing it to over-heat.  Your laptop will probably shut itself down if it gets too hot in order to protect the processor. These hard shut downs can cause problems with your hard drive and can lead to data loss.  Ultimately, heat is a serious problem for your laptop. Bring your laptop in for a cooling system service, we’ll fully disassemble the laptop to remove all the dust inside. We will also renew the thermal compound that help transfer heat away from the CPU.  Once the cooling system has been serviced, your laptop will be as cool as when it was brand new.  Cooling system service is just £59.99.

Windows and software problems

software problems southampton

Sometimes, computers can be infuriating. One minute they work perfectly an the next minute everything you normally do becomes a huge chore. Sometimes you need a clean install of Windows to fix things and sometimes it’s just a software glitch that needs sorting. We can help with software glitches! We are experts with Microsoft office and outlook and can help with any issues you are having with these products. We can also help with other software problems too. Using your computer should be an enjoyable experience and we can help make that so. Fixing software problems with Windows starts from £59.99, pop in or call for more information.

Laptop start up problems

windows start up problems

There are numerous issues that can stop your laptop from starting up. You could have a broken power socket, you could have a failed hard drive. You could simply have a faulty charger. Windows will partially load but then appear to get stuck. All of these issues are frustrating, but need to worry we can fix them for you. Bring your machine in, no appointment necessary. We’ll take a look, perform our diagnostics and get back to you with a price to complete your repair. Call now and talk to us about your laptop start up problem.


Laptop shutting down at random time

windows random shut down southampton


It’s a sign of something significant and should be addressed immediately. The most likely causes are overheating and dodgy power connection.  Both of these issues can be resolved at Rocket Repairs for a very reasonable price. Bring your laptop in for a diagnostic so we can find out exactly what the problem is and restore your laptop to fully functional state.

Virus and Malware removal

virus removal southampton

Never accept calls from random callers telling you that your laptop is infected! It will most likely be a scam and you will pay hundreds of pounds for nothing.  Microsoft will not call you to tell you that your machine is infected.  If you are worried about your laptop security then please pop in to Rocket Repairs. We’ll perform a full system scan and remove any offending programs or material.  We can also supply you with the latest anti-virus software to keep you safe in the future.

Whatever the problem with your laptop, Rocket Repairs can help! We’ve got oodles of experience and can help with just about any matter. We also repair laptops for every manufacturer. Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba included. So pop in or give us a call, we have plenty of staff on hand ready to help 🙂