iMac Repair

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At Rocket Repairs you get the best possible service and peace of mind in one handy little shop. Our skilled technicians spend their days taking iMacs, Macbooks and Mac minis to pieces, sprinkling them with a dose of TLC and putting them back together perfectly. It’s like a jigsaw to our guys and the picture is not complete unless every piece is in exactly the right place.



imac overheating service

A very common problem with iMacs, especially as they get older is heat. If your iMac is getting hot or the the fans are getting very loud then it is highly advisable to bring your iMac in for a cooling system service.  Heat can lead hardware failures and very expensive repair bills.  It’s important to get your iMac serviced every 18 months or so. This will involve stripping the iMac down and cleaning out all the dust which gets in to all the wrong places, you’ll be amazed how much is in there! We’ll apply new thermal compound to the CPU to help to transfer heat away from the brain inside your iMac. In the long run it will save you a lot of money.  We’ll service your iMac for £75, and once the service is complete your iMac will be as quiet as when it was first unboxed.



imac hard drive problem

Don’t panic! We can fix a broken hard drive in your iMac and we also provide specialist data recovery services on site if don’t have your data backed up with time machine.  We’ve invested heavily in our equipment to ensure we can provide the complete service to our Apple customers.  Once we have successfully retrieved your data we can supply a new hard drive. At this point you have the option to upgrade to a larger hard drive or to a new super quick solid state hard drive. We’ll provide you with a quote for both or you can just have the same size drive that was installed originally, we are happy either way.  We’ll of course provide you with advice on how to help avoid hard drive problems and data loss.  iMac Hard Drive repairs start from just £130 including fitting.



imac broken screen

A broken iMac screen, a dim iMac screen or even an iMac screen with strange patterns all over it. These are some of the screen problems associated with iMacs.  We can help solve all of these problems and the solutions may be different for each one.  A cracked front glass is a fairly straightforward repair and won’t cost the earth. Be aware though that hte new slim iMac has a bonded display which means the entire screen would need replacing. A dim screen which can happen on older iMacs can be resolved with a replacement LCD. More expensive than just the broken front glass to get this one repaired, but considerably cheaper than a new iMac! Strange patterns on  the screen can be a sign that the GPU inside your iMac is faulty.  Sometimes we can fix the GPU with a re-flow but we prefer to replace with a new chip instead. This is an expensive repair sometimes but again much cheaper than buying new.  iMac screen repairs start from £130.



imac upgrades

We can help with all types of iMac upgrades.  iMacs are fairly powerful devices so can last a good few years. As technology improves, so do the demands on your computer. Upgrading your iMac by adding more memory can help reduce processing time inside your video application. Upgrading to a solid state drive can really improve performance and system load times.  A new Solid state drive can take your initial boot time from a minute to less than 10 seconds and applications will start immediately.  We can help with all you iMac upgrade needs. Give us a call or pop in to discuss what we can do for you.