Data recovery

Don’t Panic! You’ve come to the right place. We are Southampton’s only data recovery centre with Industry leading Data Recovery hardware on site.

Thousands of successful recoveries

We perform data recovery for thousands of customers and we use industry leading PC-3000 data recovery hardware, the same hardware used by all the large online data recovery companies. The difference is that we charge a lot less and we are local.

Your memories can be saved

We can recover data from laptops, desktops, Windows and MAC operating system, mechanical hard drives, solid state hard drives, memory sticks and flash storage devices.

Cost effective

With prices starting from just £75, our average charge for data recovery is around £150. You’ll pay at least twice that with online companies.  We’ll quote you before any work is carried out so you can decide if the recovery is cost effective.


Laura’s story

Imagine the look of despair on Laura’s face when she realised that she had snapped her usb memory stick. Her final year of study almost over and her dissertation almost complete. Unfortunately, the usb stick contained the only copy of Laura’s dissertation!

Fortunately, Laura’s friend put her in touch with us. We reassured Laura that all was not lost and that we would do everything possible to recover all her work. Thankfully, our data recovery expertise allowed us to rescue Laura’s dissertation from the broken memory stick. When we informed Laura of the good news, she was absolutely overjoyed and relieved that all her hard work had not been lost.

Laura sent us a thankyou card, in it she wrote ‘Thank you so much for getting my work back! It’s quite possible you have saved my degree (and therefore my life!!)’.


Michael’s story

Michael runs a local building company and had all his sage payroll on his laptop.

The laptop was pushed off a desk when it was switched on and the system no longer booted.  There was a beeping coming from inside the laptop when power was applied.

Michael came to us, desperate to recover his company payroll data.  We were able to recover the data within 24 hours which meant Michael was able to pay his staff on time.


The moral of the story

Don’t take chances with your important documents, back up regularly and if you find yourself in trouble with lost data then give us a call. We can rescue your documents!

We provide data recovery from hard disk drives, data recovery from floppy disks, data recovery from usb flash drives, data recovery from SSD hard drives. Don’t take chances with your important data. If you need a reliable data recovery service that won’t cost the earth then give us call. Southampton residents should look no further than Rocket Repairs Southampton Computer Services for advanced data recovery solutions.

Rocket Repairs is Southampton and Hampshire’s leading data recovery centre.  Rocket Repairs can take care of all your data recovery needs.