iPad Repair

ipad repair southampton

We fix all iPad models

iPad repairs – for all iPad models including iPad, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro.

We fix iPads for schools and the NHS too

Rocket Repairs Limited is trusted by many of Hampshire’s schools with their iPad repairs, we also provide repairs for the NHS too.
You can rest assured that when you get your iPad repaired at Rocket Repairs you are guaranteeing quality. We are so sure of our work that we offer twice the warranty of any other high street repair service, a whole six months!

More than just screen repair

We repair faulty batteries in iPads as well as faulty iPad screens and damaged iPad charging ports. We can fix problems with your iPad software too.

So if you need your iPad repaired and you want to guarantee the quality of the repair then get your iPad repaired at Rocket Repairs.

ipad 2 repair

iPad 2 screen repair

iPad 2 screen replacement £59.99

ipad 3 repair

iPad 3 screen repair

iPad 3 screen repair £59.99

ipad 4 repair

iPad 4 screen repair

iPad 4 screen replacement only £59.99

ipad mini repair

iPad mini screen repair

iPad mini screen replacement £69.99

ipad air repair

iPad Air 1 screen repair

iPad Air 1 screen repair £69.99

ipad air 2 repair

iPad Air 2 screen repair

iPad Air 2 screen replacement only £CALL

ipad pro repair

iPad Pro screen repair

iPad Pro screen replacement from  £CALL

ipad battery repair

iPad Battery replacement

iPad battery replacement only from £69.99 

Choose the experts

Rocket Repairs is Southampton’s leading repair shop for iPads. We offer 180 days warranty on our repairs. With over 1000 iPad repairs to our name we have the experience and skill required to complete a perfect repair on your ipad. We fix iPads day in and day out, get your iPad repaired by the experts, don’t put your device at risk for the sake of a tenner!