Desktop PC Repair

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Your data is safe with us, you don’t need to back anything up before you come in, we’ll take care of all that for you! We’ve got years and years of experience building and fixing desktop PCs. There isn’t a model out there that we haven’t serviced. Our PC repair technicians are on hand to answer your questions so give them a call to discuss your fault and we can get you back up and running in double quick time.




Select your problem from the list below to see what we can do for you.

Power Problems

pc power problems southampton

Is your PC as dead as a Dodo? No life at all when you press the power button? The most likely cause is a faulty power supply which can be fixed fairly easily and shouldn’t cost a great deal.    We only supply top quality power supplies, a cheap one can kill your entire PC and all components if it fails.  A power surge can also cause a power supply to fail and with that the possibility of damage to other components. We’ll do a full investigation of your system and let you know of any other issues.  A power surge could also bypass a cheaper power supply and affect the other components in your system which might also be causing the power problem. Power supply replacements start from just £99 depending on your PC’s power requirements. Give us a call to chat about your problem and we’ll let you know what we think is causing it.



hard drive problem southampton

A common problem with an aging desktop is a faulty hard drive. Lot’s of things can cause your hard drive to fail, in particular shutting off power to the desktop when it’s unexpected. A failing hard drive can present itself in numerous ways. The operating system night refuse to load saying no boot device, or you might notice that it takes a long time for the mouse pointer to move across the screen. If your Desktop PC is taking a long time to load Windows, that can also be an indicator.  If you still have access to the machine then back up your data just to be safe, we can do that for you so it’s no problem if you are having difficulty backing up your data.  Hard drive repair starts from just £110 including installation of your operating system and all windows updates and drivers installed.  Pop in or give us a call to discuss your problem.


Desktop PC overheating

over heating laptop southampton

If your PC feels hot to the touch then you most probably need to get it serviced. Does it sound like it might be ready to take off? There is a good change your PC needs a cooling system service.  A hot Dektop PC is a Desktop PC waiting to fail. The fans in your Desktop PC act like a vacuum cleaner, sucking all manner of dust and debris inside the case. This clogs up the vents and clogs up the cooling system trapping hot air inside the PC case causing it to over-heat.  Your Desktop can shut itself down if it gets too hot in order to protect the processor. These hard shut downs can cause problems with your hard drive and can lead to data loss.  Heat is a serious issue for your Desktop. A cooling system service at Rocket Repairs will restore your PC to new condition. We will renew the thermal compound that help transfer heat away from the CPU.  Desktop PC cooling system service is just £59.99.

Windows and software problems

software problems southampton

Sometimes, A Desktop PC can be infuriating. One minute it’s working normally and the next minute everything you normally do becomes a huge chore. Sometimes it’s just a software glitch that needs sorting and sometimes  you need a clean install of Windows to fix things. We can help with software glitches and a clean install! We are experts with Microsoft office and outlook and can help with any issues you are having with these products. We can also help with other software problems too. Using your Desktop PC should be an enjoyable experience and we can help make that so. Fixing software problems with Windows starts from £59.99, pop in or call for more information.

Desktop PC start up problems

windows start up problems

There are lots of potential issues that can stop your PC from completing start up. A faulty component can cause the system to crash during the start up process. This can leave your Desktop PC in a state of limbo and require a hard shut down which can also lead to component damage.  Windows can also become corrupted causing start up issues. These issues can be caused by a software update or a corrupted driver or even an infection.  We can fix all of these start up issues for you. Bring your Desktop in to our shop, there is parking right outside our front door. No need to book an appointment. We’ll book you in, perform our diagnostics and get back to you with a price to complete your repair. Call now and talk to us about your Desktop PC start up problem.


Desktop PC shutting down at random time

windows random shut down southampton


It’s a sign of something significant and should be addressed immediately. The most likely causes are overheating or faulty power supply.  Both of these issues can be resolved at Rocket Repairs for a very reasonable price. Bring your Desktop PC in for a diagnostic so we can find out exactly what the problem is and restore your PC to fully functional state.

Virus and Malware removal

virus removal southampton

If you are worried about your Desktop PC security then please pop in to Rocket Repairs. We’ll perform a full system scan and remove any offending programs or material.  We can also supply you with the latest anti-virus software to keep you safe in the future.  There are many scams out there that take your personal information without you even knowing they are there. The most effective computer viruses and malware never get discovered, they just quietly collect your personal information and credit card details.  A full system scan and virus/malware removal is just £59.99.


Whatever the problem with your Desktop PC, Rocket Repairs can help! Our expert team and years of experience can help with just about any matter. We also repair Desktop PCs for every manufacturer. Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, PC Specialist, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba included. So pop in or give us a call, we have plenty of staff on hand ready to help 🙂