Macbook Repair

macbook repair southampton


Firstly, we want to reassure you that your data is safe, we do not erase your data unless explicitly asked to! We can fix any problem with your Macbook! Our technicians have the tools and skills required to resolve any issue with your Macbook regardless of what has happened.  We are so confident in our work that we provide 180 days warranty on our repairs compared with Apple who only provide 90 days. Only at Rocket Repairs can you arrive frantic with a liquid damaged macbook that won’t boot and four hours later walk out elated with the same Macbook working perfectly with all signs of liquid ingress gone.  We have invested a small fortune in all the tools and skills necessary to provide a comprehensive service to our Apple customers.


macbook screen repair southampton

Macbook screen repairs can normally be completed with 48 hours. If we have the screen in stock then we can normally complete the repair on the same day. Whether it’s a new screen for a Macbook pro or a replacement screen for a Macbook Air we can help! Sometimes it’s not obvious that you have broken your Macbook  screen because the front glass will still be intact. Behind that glass is a delicate membrane that contains a special liquid crystal. If you break the internal membrane then this liquid crystal can leak and leave black patches on the screen. The patches often start small but get bigger over time as the screen is flexed and more liquid is able to migrate.  Macbook screen repairs start from just £80 and come with our standard 180 day warranty.  Call now or pop in to find out what we can do for you.


macbook hard drive data recovery southampton

Your data is important and we can rescue it in the event of a hard drive failure. If your Macbook is failing to get to desktop and simply shows you a folder icon on a white screen then the chances are your hard drive has failed.  We can fix a faulty hard drive in your Macbook and get you back up and running in no time at all. We can migrate all of your programs and data if required too. You have the option to upgrade to a larger hard drive at the same time so we’ll let you know what options are available. Upgrading to a super quick solid state hard drive will give an older Macbook a huge boost in speed. But be warned once you’ve had a solid state hard drive you’ll never go back.  Hard drive repairs start from just £130 for Macbooks. Give us a quick call to discuss your issue and we’ll get you back up and running as soon as possible.


fix overheating macbook southampton

Heat inside your Macbook is a serious issue! Excess heat can lead to component failure and ultimately an expensive repair bill. The cause of this heat problem is generally down to a clogged cooling system. The solution is to book your Macbook in for a cooling system service which will return your macbook to it’s cool running state.  Our cooling system service includes stripping your Macbook down and removing all traces of dust and debris which is causing the problem.  We’ll also replace the thermal compound which helps the heat transfer away from the processor and on to the attached heat sink.  Keeping your Macbook cool with a regular service will extend the life of your Macbook. Cooling system service is just £75 and you’ll see the difference immediately.


macbook liquid damage repair southampton

Before you do anything, switch it off, tip your Macbook in the opposite direction of the spill, dry as much as possible with paper towel and bring straight in to us.  The quicker you bring your water damaged Macbook in to us the better the chances of saving it.  Even if it’s all working fine for now, liquid will slowly make its way on to the logic board and start to short out components. If it makes it to the hard drive then you could lose all of your data.  We have saved hundreds of machines with liquid damage, the ones that come in quickly have a much higher survival rate.  It’s just £150 for a complete disassembly and cleaning of your Macbook. We use a large ultrasonic cleaner to remove liquid and corrosion from the logic board which can get under the chips where hidden damage lurks.  Even if it’s been in the cupboard for six months we can still save it!